Wednesday, August 13, 2008

send me my birthday money early 'cause i'm spending it on Alicia!

J/K but not really. the just kidding is about sending money. and the not really is because any extra money i have is going towards my little sister's baby shower, which happens to be on my birthday. oh and gifts i want to make her too. i found so many cute ideas on another blog that i read called homemade by Jill and i think she found these ideas on other blogs. there are some amazing ideas.

isn't this cute?! the instructions make it look super easy to do.

and this guy too, looks super easy to make

stroller quilt, ties on the top and the bottom folds under and buttons
so you can keep the baby's feet warm

crib rail guard, really cute

happy birthday banner, just might turn into a "welcome baby Wild" banner

this one doesn't look so easy but i really like it!

i LOVE this idea! the baby wont be able to use for at least 3 more years, so I've got plenty of time to make it

this one too! crayon roll, baby wont need it for a few years

burp cloths, i think these are really easy too

next post: planning Alicia's baby shower :0)

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Mrs. G. said...

Those burp cloths are so sweet-a new mom is going to need about 1200of them.