Monday, August 11, 2008

because i would NEVER want this at my babyshower cake

this, i stumbled across at this great website called cake wrecks. she shows these crazy cakes that people have actually PAID FOR. that one of the rules, that it has to be made by a "professional" i use the term loosely, because wait til you see these cakes. there is a wedding cake in there that will make you want to cry. cause if that was me on my wedding day i would be so upset/angry. and i would do exactly what the bride did.

some of the cakes are pretty crazy. if i was a baker i would never do something like that and then send it to the customer knowing that they probably wont like it. if you know me then you know how crazy i am when i make stuff. i have to make sure its perfect. i dont like to half-ass anything or it will eat at me until its done right. so check out her website and if you come across any crazy cakes let her know. she will most likely post them on her page!

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lucinda! said...

you should look at the other pages too. there are some wild cakes