Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Carter!

we did it! we ran away to Vegas a got married. well i guess technically we didn't really run away. we had this planned for a few months, be we were trying to keep it to ourselves. we didn't want to invite anyone. i didn't want people to get offended cause they weren't invited, so not inviting anyone solved this potential problem. just the 2 of us. the way our relationship began.

may 11, 2009 we made it official. we got married at the little chapel of the flowers at 4 in the afternoon. just us, the minister and the photographer, who was also our witness.

while we were getting ready in our hotel room i felt like i was going to throw up like every 5 minutes. nerves i guess. all of it went away as soon as the limo arrived. now for the rest of our wedding story in photographs. ( i edited all of these , the originals are on my myspace page)

i know this isn't a great picture of it, but i made my head piece. its Russian veiling, a peacock feather ( with an "eye" in the center) 2 peacock feather ( no "eyes"on the sides), some swarovski crystals, 2 white feathers also on the sides and a broach in the center bottom.

i also made Noah's boutonniere and my broach with feathers for my sash

Thursday, February 5, 2009

completely devastated

i just found out that my grandma has small-cell lung cancer. stage 4.