Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Carter!

we did it! we ran away to Vegas a got married. well i guess technically we didn't really run away. we had this planned for a few months, be we were trying to keep it to ourselves. we didn't want to invite anyone. i didn't want people to get offended cause they weren't invited, so not inviting anyone solved this potential problem. just the 2 of us. the way our relationship began.

may 11, 2009 we made it official. we got married at the little chapel of the flowers at 4 in the afternoon. just us, the minister and the photographer, who was also our witness.

while we were getting ready in our hotel room i felt like i was going to throw up like every 5 minutes. nerves i guess. all of it went away as soon as the limo arrived. now for the rest of our wedding story in photographs. ( i edited all of these , the originals are on my myspace page)

i know this isn't a great picture of it, but i made my head piece. its Russian veiling, a peacock feather ( with an "eye" in the center) 2 peacock feather ( no "eyes"on the sides), some swarovski crystals, 2 white feathers also on the sides and a broach in the center bottom.

i also made Noah's boutonniere and my broach with feathers for my sash

Thursday, February 5, 2009

completely devastated

i just found out that my grandma has small-cell lung cancer. stage 4.

Monday, November 10, 2008

my new nephew!

born October 18Th, 2008. 7 lbs 14oz. 20 1/4 inches long.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

hedgehog or is it hedge hog?

the other week i was looking online for a costume for Aiden. there are a lot of cute ones out there and some not so cute ones... examples of some not so cute

i personally find this costume to be a rip off. i could just be me though.

and this one... um can you say scary?
i wanna see the parent who would put this on their baby. it looks like he is popping out of the basket ball!
this guy is so cute i just want to nom on his little cheeks! flying monkey from wizard of oz

this guy is pretty adorable too. and cause its cold here at night this one would keep him snuggly. bat costume ( i think you know that though)

i saw this one and fell in love with it. isn't this little hedgehog cute!?

it was this one that was my inspiration for Aidens costume. i have most of it made. i KNOW for a fact that it isn't going to look the same. 1. its a different color. the body is brown and has a tan tummy patch/circle 2. Aiden probably wouldn't wear the head so i didn't make one. he is going to have his nose painted and maybe his hair spiked, we shall see about that one though. and 3. the quills/spikes aren't going to look like that. i have the body already made i just have to make the quills/spikes, but they will be two toned.

oh and i also made the ears. they are going to go on a hoodie that will be under the costume. and i think i will leave the ears sewed on cause i love kids with ears on hats and sweaters. i think it looks so thats where i am at, now if i could ge tit finished! wish me luck. i will post pictures of aiden in his costume either before we go out or the next day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

christmas in a landfill

a few Christmases ago i bought Noah a razor. not just any old razor. i hunted and pecked through all of the ones that they had in the store, maybe 10 or so, to pick out the perfect one for him. because he has crazy thick hair, it had to be pretty bitchen. so i found this one...

its self-cleaning, you just have to throw some new liquid in it every now and again. it also has a trimmer in the side, which is probably standard in most razors, but I'm a girl, what the heck am i really going to know about shaving my face. but i thought this razor would get the job done a whole lot quicker, which would make Noah want to shave his face more often, so that i wouldn't have to kiss a man whose face felt like 10 grit sandpaper. i was hoping that he would use it everyday because it was so quick... the joke was on me, once a week still, if i was lucky.

so yesterday i was searching through a box underneath my bed and came across 2 bottles of the cleaning solution, so i put it on the counter in our bathroom. later that night i tell him that i took them out as we are both standing in the bathroom.

me:"look what i took out for you. where is the razor?"

Noah:"oh i threw it out."

m: "what do you mean you threw it out?"

n:"well i haven't used it in a while, so i threw it out."

m:" you threw it out?"


m:"what do you mean you threw it out?" i seriously did not believe him

n:" the last time i used it, it was pulling the hairs"

m:"so you just threw it out? that was like a $5 part! it could have been fixed!! and you threw it out?!"

n:"well walmart doesn't carry them anymore."

m:"YOU CAN BUY THEM OVER THE INTERNET! i found them online, remember?"


m:"i can believe you just threw it out! that was a few hundred dollars! and you just threw it out! how long ago?"

n:"like a week ago"

so i was seriously debating going out to the trash can, that was going to be picked up tomorrow, to go search for it. it was only a $5 part, that's all that it needed. a $5 fix on a $200 razor, and he just threw it out! i was SO mad about this last night that it was all that i could think about. so a wee bit later i ask him "well like HOW long ago? a few days or like a few weeks?" he tells me "a few weeks" well its a good thing that i didn't go searching for it in the garbage.

the thing that upsets me the most is that it was a Christmas present. i didn't have $200+ dollars just laying around so i had to put it on lay-away, i did some searching to make sure that it would be one that he used and liked. i thought that i did a good job. i was pretty upset and hurt that he just thoughtlessly threw it into the garbage. and its not like we have the money to just buy him a new one. even if he didn't like it we could have sold it on eBay and got a little bit of money back. if i would have know that he was even THINKING about throwing it out i would have stopped him.

i was so mad last night, i could have beat him.

Monday, September 8, 2008

guess what i got for my birthday!?!!

the stomach flu! hooray for birthday presents.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

i think i found my wedding invites

Isn't it gorgeous?!click it!! its clickable! :0) it is letter pressed. and it is exactly how i want them to look, color, wording, everything. but it will cost a small fortune. good news is that it is only 1 color and not 2 . 2 colors would have been a lot more. now all i have to do is find a local company that letter presses. do you know of anyone that is cheaper than $1000 for 75 invites? i think it's wrong when the invites cost as much,if not more, than the food or d.j. i could use all of the help i can get. who /what did you use when you got married?