Wednesday, October 22, 2008

hedgehog or is it hedge hog?

the other week i was looking online for a costume for Aiden. there are a lot of cute ones out there and some not so cute ones... examples of some not so cute

i personally find this costume to be a rip off. i could just be me though.

and this one... um can you say scary?
i wanna see the parent who would put this on their baby. it looks like he is popping out of the basket ball!
this guy is so cute i just want to nom on his little cheeks! flying monkey from wizard of oz

this guy is pretty adorable too. and cause its cold here at night this one would keep him snuggly. bat costume ( i think you know that though)

i saw this one and fell in love with it. isn't this little hedgehog cute!?

it was this one that was my inspiration for Aidens costume. i have most of it made. i KNOW for a fact that it isn't going to look the same. 1. its a different color. the body is brown and has a tan tummy patch/circle 2. Aiden probably wouldn't wear the head so i didn't make one. he is going to have his nose painted and maybe his hair spiked, we shall see about that one though. and 3. the quills/spikes aren't going to look like that. i have the body already made i just have to make the quills/spikes, but they will be two toned.

oh and i also made the ears. they are going to go on a hoodie that will be under the costume. and i think i will leave the ears sewed on cause i love kids with ears on hats and sweaters. i think it looks so thats where i am at, now if i could ge tit finished! wish me luck. i will post pictures of aiden in his costume either before we go out or the next day.